Balloon Rocket Race Car

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Step by step: Building a Balloon powered race car

Don’t just recycle your Amazon boxes, turn them into something awesome. Here are some steps you can follow to build balloon powered race cars, I recommend it for kids age 8 and up; it should take 40 minutes to an hour to finish. Please note that there’s no wrong way to build a balloon race car, experiment!

You’ll need:
-a card board box, cut into pieces
-glue (Elmer’s or hot glue)
-two bbq. skewers,(You can also use round chopsticks)
-Duct tape
- a balloon
-2 straws (wide straws, if they’re narrow the air from the balloon won’t come out fast enough)
-a marker

Making the Body

1. Cut the body 2”x8” or so
2. Cut two pieces of straw
3. Glue the straw to the cardboard. Make sure that you leave enough room so that the wheels won’t touch.
4. Reinforce your straws with duct tape.

*The smaller you make your body the faster your car will go.

Securing the wheels, this is the trickiest part.

Getting the wheels to stay straight and not wobble  is important, one way I found that works is to attach card board squares on each side.
1. Cut four rectangles, 1”x3”.
2. poke the skewer through the center hole
3. Push it to the flat end so that only half remains on the skewer
4. Bend the cardboard and reinforce it with a triangle.
*it helps to glue the card boars to the skewer.
5. Once you’ve attached cardboard to one end of the skewer thread it through    the straw and attach the other piece of cardboard.*Break one of the skewers to have your wheels at different levels if you want to make sure that your wheels don’t touch.

Now for the fun part; making the wheels

Trace some round shapes to make wheels. (You can also use paper plates, yogurt tops, anything has potential.) When you glue them to your race car body try to make sure that the bbq skewer is at the center of the wheel.If it’s off center it’ll roll with a hicup

Almost Done!! Tape a straw very tightly to the end of a balloon, make sure that it’s air tight. Attach it to the body with some more tape and RACE